From the At Ease Handbook:All full-time employees will become eligible for 2 weeks vacation after 6 months of employment with At Ease Inspections. Employees shall submit a written request for time off to their manager as early as possible, but not later than two weeks prior to the requested time off dates. In the event that a two-week notice is not feasible, requests for time off will be reviewed at the discretion of the manager.Vacation days may be requested in half or full day increments for salary or commission-based employees and hourly increments for hourly employees, up to a maximum of five consecutive days off at one time, unless otherwise approved in writing by the manager. Commission based and hourly employees will not be paid for the time off.Requests for time off will be reviewed for approval taking peak work periods during the year into consideration. No more than 1 inspector may be off at the same time unless employee has written permission approving such request. Time off requests must be coordinated and approved by the employee’s manager, before placing vacation on the calendar. If the time off request is approved, employee should immediately communicate vacation dates to the office manager and block the calendar with approved dates.