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Why Your Inspector Should Have a Thermal Imaging Camera

Blog Many people questions whether it is worth the cost to pay for an inspection on a brand new home.  This video shows just one example of how a code certified inspector can protect your family by identifying safety issues prior to moving into the...

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Why These Buyers Blamed Their Realtor

Blog I recently received a call from a homeowner asking if I could do a 1-year warranty inspection on their new house. They had payed a premium for the brand new 4,300 sq ft house approximately 9 months earlier, but had noticed a few things that...

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What is the #1 home inspection mistake?

Blog According to the article below from it is, "Not Having New Construction Inspected." We can only say "Yes and amen!"  You wouldn't believe some of the things we've seen on new half-million dollar homes over the last couple of...

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