Job Description: Part-Time Sales Coordinator


Primary Objectives

  • The main goal of the Sales Coordinator is to initiate relationships with real estate agents that will drive business to the inspectors. You are expected to help build strong brand awareness by developing relationships with realtors and brokers, thereby increasing market share.
  • Build the At Ease brand through social media and digital marketing

Regular Work Activities

  • Learn the inspection routine and services we provide to our client’s. (Ride Along)
  • Grow At Ease social media following/ influence (FB, Instagram, etc.)
  • Learn sales script for different opportunities – practice sales script
  • Research your territory. Make a map of your area.
  • Know your region office locations and list of producing top realtors
  • Maintain a list of top producing realtors for prospecting and meetings.
  • Contact the top producers in your area, using a variety of methods in accordance with policies and procedures agreed upon with your supervisor. The purpose of the contact is to set one on one appointments to show the value to the Realtor of working with At Ease Inspections, thereby increasing market share.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with referral sources such as Realtors and other affiliates/vendors related to the real estate industry.
  • Promote At Ease Inspections in the real estate community through phone calls, one on one meetings, networking, office visits and sponsored and cosponsored
  • Create routes for monthly office visits.
  • Maintain your calendar for pop-by’s, sponsorships, setting up CE classes, etc.
  • Create monthly marketing email to send to agent database
  • Track, document and report all monthly expenses and keep up with expense amount limit per month.
  • Track, document and report all weekly market growth activity in your region
  • Report to supervisor once a week

Key Skills

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Exceptional organizational and systems development & implementation skills.
  • Technology skills – MS Office, Social Media, (Graphic design is a bonus)
  • Great ability to focus and execute
  • Able to persevere in the face of rejection


Performance Measures

We operate at a high level of performance, execution, and accountability. As a team member of you will have:

  • A monthly team meeting to provide update on results of growth activities
  • A weekly one-on-one success meeting with your supervisor to evaluate the effectiveness of growth activities and results they are producing
  • A quarterly performance discussion with supervisor


Hours & Compensation:

  • This position allows the right individual to work from home and provides flexible hours.  Since the position does require in-person visits to real estate offices, the ideal candidate will be located in the North Metro Atlanta area.  The position can be customized for 12-20 hours week, with most responsibilities completed on weekday mornings.
  • Starting compensation $15-20/hr depending on experience.  There are also opportunities for bonuses.

Interested in this position?  Let’s start a conversation!  You can begin by filling out the form below:

Selected Value: 0
0 = I don't have/use social media.5 = I post regularly on personal accounts and have decent amount of friends/followers.10 = Proven success at building a large social media following.
Selected Value: 0
0 = The thought of this gives me severe anxiety. 5 = I like talking on the phone so I can probably handle it. 10 = Previous success in tele-marketing / cold sales.
Selected Value: 0
1 = Organization would be nice but life always gets in the way.5 = Fairly organized - can be organized at work when needed.10 = Have color-coded lists/tabs for pretty much everything in my life.
Selected Value: 0
1 = I don't really set goals and I am OK just playing a game without paying attention to the score.5 = I like to set goals but often forget about them. I keep track of the score during a game, but don't care that much who wins. 10 = I regularly set high goals and it bothers me if they are not met. I like winning, whether it is a board game, an award, or an argument.