Team Member Application – Marketing Assistant 

The marketing assistant will take pride in ensuring that details for our marketing events, presentations, and classes are handled in a professional manner that reflects our commitment to quality.  This individual will be deeply committed to completing tasks the right way with a high degree of quality.  Our marketing manager will work closely with the marketing assistant to empower them to succeed in their role.  

Regular Work Activities

  • Assist with marketing events at real estate offices
  • Follow up with real estate agents after marketing presentations
  • Assist marketing manager with organization of prospect lists, marketing initiatives, and other marketing activities
  • Manage touch points with real estate agents through various forms of communication including hand-written notes, phone calls, emails, social media, etc.
  • Assist in managing company social media pages

Key Skills

  • Strong organizational skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Basic knowledge of social media

Hours & Compensation

This position allows the right individual to work from home and with flexible hours.  Since the position does require in-person visits to real estate offices, the ideal candidate will be located in the North Metro Atlanta area, preferably near Canton, GA.  The position can be customized for 10-15 hours week, with most responsibilities completed on weekday mornings.  The compensation range is $18-25 per hour depending on experience, skill, and motivation.

Please complete the form below if you feel you are the right person for this role: 

Selected Value: 0
0 = I don’t have/use social media.5 = I post regularly on personal accounts and have decent amount of friends/followers.10 = Proven success at building a large social media following.
Selected Value: 0
0 = The thought of this gives me severe anxiety. 5 = I like talking on the phone so I can probably handle it. 10 = Previous success in tele-marketing / cold sales.
Selected Value: 0
1 = Organization would be nice but life always gets in the way.5 = Fairly organized – can be organized at work when needed.10 = Have color-coded lists/tabs for pretty much everything in my life.
Selected Value: 0
1 = I don’t really set goals and I am OK just playing a game without paying attention to the score.5 = I like to set goals but often forget about them. I keep track of the score during a game, but don’t care that much who wins. 10 = I regularly set high goals and it bothers me if they are not met. I like winning, whether it is a board game, an award, or an argument.