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What Makes Our Home Inspection Service Superior?

Free Termite Letters

Clients on request will be able to get a free termite inspection and letter. The free inspection and letter are part of the real estate inspection process. Clients are confident about the property when they get a top-quality inspection from professionals.

Infrared scan on each inspection

Hidden water leaks in walls and floors and missing insulation are detected using infrared thermal cameras. Every home in Kennesaw, GA is inspected using infrared thermal cameras. An infrared scan will also help detect any potentially dangerous conditions in the electrical system.

200% Money Back Guarantee

The professional quality of the home inspection process is so good that it gives us the confidence to offer a 200% money back guarantee on each home inspection. The money back guarantee is for a 90-day period. Terms and conditions apply.  


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The professional home inspection process is done in strict accordance as per the guidelines specified by the industry. We are members of GAHI (Georgia Association of Home Inspectors) and ensure that the home inspection process is done in a professional manner.

Our expertise in home inspection services and our communication has ensured that top agents and discerning homebuyers recommend our services to other clients in Kennesaw, GA.

We have performed hundreds of home inspections in Kennesaw, GA. The many successful home inspections have enabled us to gain knowledge about the different environmental and building issues pertaining to property inspection.

Our advice and guidance to clients on environmental and building issues will enable them to safeguard their investments and property.

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Our Services

home Inspections

Buying a house is one of the biggest investments you will be making. It will be worth your while to choose a trusted professional for your home inspection.

Commercial Property Inspection

Our commercial inspections team can customize an inspection to meet the needs of the buyer.   

New Construction Inspections

We offer pre-drywall inspections and final inspections on new construction homes. We are certified, insured and qualified to meet the requirements of any builder in Atlanta.


We specialize in mold inspection, consultation, and air quality testing in commercial and residential properties. Let us inspect your property for mold.

Radon Testing

Radon is a radioactive gas and it is the second leading cause of lung cancer. The U.S. Surgeon General has recommended that every home should be tested for radon gas. 

Swimming Pool Inspections

We offer swimming pool and spa inspections for home buyers. Learn now about the current condition of the swimming pool and whether it requires any repairs.

What other clients say about us

We are proud to be the top-rated real estate inspection company on Google in North Atlanta and surrounding areas.

Our Services

home Inspections

The biggest investment that one makes in his or her life is buying a house. When making a big investment it is in your best interest to choose a reputed and trusted professional for the home inspection process. This will ensure that you get the best and most thorough home inspection.

Commercial Property Inspection

Commercial real estate inspections can be customized. The customized commercial property inspections are done as per the specific requirements of buyers in Kennesaw, GA.

New Construction Inspections

New homes in Kennesaw, GA are offered final inspections and pre-drywall inspections. Our home inspection services are insured and certified. This gives clients complete peace of mind. Our home inspection services are qualified to meet the specific requirements of any builder in Kennesaw.

Mold inspections

Mold infestation is not visible to the eye as it is often hidden in walls and other places. Our home inspection services include mold testing, air quality testing in residential and commercial properties, and consultation. Let our expert mold testing professionals do a thorough inspection of your property.

Radon Testing

Radioactive gases are known to cause lung cancer. Radon is a radioactive gas and its presence in homes is considered dangerous. The U.S. Surgeon General has specified that all homeowners in Kennesaw, GA would benefit from a professional radon gas inspection.

Swimming Pool Inspections

Swimming pools and spas can get damaged. Before you buy a property, it is best to get the spa and swimming pools inspected. The inspection will enable you to know the current condition of the swimming pool. You will also be able to determine if the swimming pool or spa requires any repairs.

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