What is the most important part of new construction final inspection?

Apr 1, 2018

Many home buyers think that a new home should be just about perfect.  After all, it’s brand new right? A new construction inspection will probably convince you otherwise.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of assumptions that are being made.  First, there is the assumption that the builder knows what they are doing.  In reality, there are very few builders any more.  Most of what we see is “schedulers” who manage subcontractors but who have little knowledge of actual construction practices or codes.

Second, there is the assumption that the people actually doing the work (the subcontractors) are familiar with accepted construction practices or codes.  Most of the subcontractors that we see in Atlanta have immigrated from other countries where construction standards are very different.  Finally, there is an assumption that the county will inspect the house and that the municipal inspector will be competent.  Unfortunately, most municipal inspectors only inspect a small portion of the house.  All of this can result in a new home that is less than perfect and no where is that more true than with the roof.

Our experience of real estate inspections in Atlanta has shown that no builder/scheduler or municipal inspector will ever get on a roof to check the work done by the sub-contactors.  This is why we regularly find numerous code violations with roof installations as well as multiple areas of damage on a brand new roof.

The following was recently found on a brand new roof after the builder told the buyer they would be wasting their money by hiring a private inspector:

– missing shingles
– damaged/torn shingles
– unsealed exposed nails at metal flashings
– staples sticking out of shingles above front porch
– unsealed toe board holes
– toe board still nailed through the roof above the garage
– damaged ridge vent
– exposed nails installed below the nail line
– shingles lifted by improperly secured nails
– shingles installed in racking pattern at multiple locations
– multiple defects with drip edge flashing
– improperly sloped gutters holding water

This shows you that a home inspection is important for any home buyer.

Finally, here is a short video showing the types of defects we find on brand new homes: 

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