In response to the COVID-19 virus situation that is rapidly unfolding around the world,  At Ease Inspections has developed and implemented new protocols and procedures.  These are meant to protect our employees, clients, referring partners, home sellers, and the community we love.

None of the staff at At Ease Inspections have traveled internationally in the last 14 days.  None of our employees have any symptoms of the flu or cold.   Our team has been instructed to let us know immediately should they develop any symptoms.  They have also been informed that they will receive sick pay if any of them call out. 


  • We have required our inspectors to decline an inspection if they are not feeling well or if they feel at risk going into the home.
  • Our inspectors will wash hands before and after each appointment.
  • Our inspectors will wear disposable gloves while they are inspecting the interior portion of a home. 
  • Our inspectors will maintain the recommended two meters separation from other individuals
  • If the seller is in the home at the time of the inspection then our inspectors will wear face masks
  • We are asking buyers and agents to not attend the inspection in order to limit exposure. Instead, phone or video conferences can be scheduled to review the findings of the inspection.

We appreciate your understanding of our recent changes.  These are uncharted waters with no rule book.  We would encourage all parties to take our current situation seriously and to do everything possible to reduce the opportunity for this virus to spread in our communities.   Together we can flatten the curve! 

John Battaglia, Owner
At Ease Inspections